Fab12 Handoff - Fab Lab 2.0

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The City of Makers Takes over FAB 12, Starting and Promoting Fab Lab 2.0 in Full Swing


FAB 12 Handoff from Fab 11 on Vimeo.

After witnessing a passionate carnival between makers worldwide at Shenzhen International Maker Week 2015, the international maker field welcomes another professional communication banquet, i.e. FAB 11 which brings together maker elites from all over the world to share practical experience and make plans for the tendency of maker development.


On American local time of 6th August, 2015, the ceremonial pass of FAB notebook was held at the FAB 11 seminar.  On behalf of Shenzhen, Shirley Feng, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and the groups accompanied such as SZOIL and 3nod took the notebook of FAB 12 from Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, the professor at CBA of MIT, which meant the premiere of Fab annual conference of China would be held in Shenzhen.  As the city of maker full of power, Shenzhen has got ready for FAB 12.


Shenzhen Takes over FAB 12 and FabLab 2.0 Is Coming Soon

At the FAB 11 annual conference, Shirley Feng leaded a group of people to Boston to discuss the relevant items of holding FAB 12 with the major organizer of FAB 11.  Afternoon 6th August, 2015 witnessed a high-end academic seminar of FAB 11 committee at Boston Music Hall where the scientists of American MIT Biology and Android, and the delegators of Google and Facebook were brought together. At this seminar, Shirley Feng delivered a passionate speech telling a story of the transformation of HuaQiangBei as a programmer with 25-year experience.  The story described the development process of creative innovation and manufacture over the 35 years in Shenzhen,how an individual motivated the transformation from industrial design to maker and innovation promotion, and how Shenzhen presented the vigorousness and charm of itself to the international stage. Her exciting speech won the continuous applause from the audience on site.


In the Shenzhen Maker Week in June, 2015, FabLab exhibition organized by Shenzhen economic and information committee further confirmed Dr. Neil’s confidence of holding FAB 12 in Shenzhen.  At the FabLab Exhibition opening ceremony of Shenzhen Maker Week, Dr. Neil made an announcement himself that FAB 12 would be held in Shenzhen in 2016.  He also indicated that instead of carrying out the FabLab model of other countries, there should be a new type of FabLab model in Shenzhen, i.e. FabLab 2.0 which was to create new machine through available old machine; create new technology through available old technology.  After two years of consideration, Shenzhen was selected.  Dr. Neil believed Shenzhen with a huge manufacture industrial chain was able to be the global accessory provider for FabLab, which would become a big opportunity for FabLab revolutionary transformation.  In this way, as the city holding FAB 12, Shenzhen brought together makers worldwide to discuss how to research and develop the machine that could produce machine.


After the flag presentation, Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association accompanied with SOZIL, 3nod Group, and Stylish technology accelerator, etc., started the preparation of FAB 12 in 2016.By fully taking the advantage of manufacture industrial chain in Shenzhen and maker atmosphere, Shirley Feng and her groups could promote the change fromFabLab 1.0 to 2.0 in a real sense which enabled makers to create anything they wanted.


China’s FAB Premiere Gives Boost to Digital Revolution


In 11th, 2014, Dr. Neil and his fellows came to Shenzhen to discuss the FAB 12 in China at the Maker Development Forum in Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association.

During the FAB 10 of Baccerona in 2014, Lin Jie, the minister of United Front Department and the member of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, came to participate in with his fellows, which confirmed the decision of Dr. Neil to select China as the country holding FAB 12 and paved the way for FAB held in Shenzhen in 2016.   On the beginning of November, 2014, Dr. Neil and his group paid a field visit to Shenzhen.  During their stay, some of the representative Shenzhen Makers discussed the prospect for maker development and the general information about Fab Lab with them at the Maker Development Forum where Dr. Neil and his group found Shenzhen was rich of manufacture industrial chain which could be the global accessory provider for Fab Lab.  His idea was a big opportunity for the revolutionary transformation of FabLab and Shenzhen was finally decided to be the host city of FAB 12.


Shirley Feng Looks to the Coming of FAB 12

Shirley Feng thinks that the decision of FAB 12 to be held in Shenzhen means international maker field is recognizing the competence of Shenzhen or even Chinese makers.  Through FAB 12, the organizer can enlarge the influence of Shenzhen to the makers worldwide through the complete industrial chain and explore the way for Made in China 2025 which aims to promote the change from Made in China to Created in China; this is on one side.  On the other side, by taking the advantages of maker development, Shenzhen will also complete the research and development of Fab Lab 2.0 with the association of the elites of international makers. In this way,it can give back to the digital revolution with the Shenzhen industrial chain and the innovation atmosphere, accelerate the promotion of International maker development, and develop Shenzhen a world-renowned city of maker.