Good Design Award 2016 in Sino-Finnish Design Park!

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Good Design Award 2016 was conducted in Sino-Finnish Design Park on April 12, 2016. The seminar was in its full swing when Aoki Shiro, executive director and COOC of Japan Institute of Design Promotion(JDP), showed some excellent Japanese designs and intense discussion was made on the evaluations of products designs. Let's take a closer look at this exciting Good Design Award 2016.

Shirley Feng, Executive Vice-president and Secretary General of SIDA, delivered the opening address:
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's welcome Aoki Shiro to share assessment work with us in Sino-Finnish Design Park.We'd like to take this opportunity to further enhance the design exchange between China and Japan and intensify the comprehensive design development in Shenzhen. We are looking forward to hearing different opinions  from you and providing better service. 

1. Illustration Meeting of Good Design Award

Now let’s take a look at our distinguished Aoki Shiro, executive director and COO of Japan Institute of Design Promotion(JDP) , and his interpreter Xue Meng.

Aoki Shiro mainly introduced the assessment process and meaning of Good Design Award: the winning designs will be selected through Good Design Award’s assessment, but that's just an beginning. After that,we will promote our designs to the broad masses to get valuable feed-backs thus forming the atmosphere of “nationwide designing ”. 

Good Design Award, established in 1957, is featured by strong brand appeal and extensive  support from customers, enjoying the prestigious reputation in Asia and the world.
Actually, Good Design Award aims not only at product design, but also in the filed of  architectural
design and graphic design. 
The rapid development of Good Design Award relies on both designers and the support from the whole society.

2. Good Design Award Workshop


The second part was that everyone had the chance to evaluate and judge the controversial  but innovative products brought by Aoki Shiro in the form of workshop.

Products are being observed by participators

Everyone is exchanging opinions in the form of workshop.


Representative is drawing the conclusions.


Japan attaches great significance to environmental protection.In Japan,even the recycling of mineral water bottle is divided into bottle cap, wrapper and bottle respectively. Designers invented a scratch on the bottle wrapper that can be easily torn.
What an ingenious idea!



 3. Good Design Award Party


The final session is a party for communicating in the cafeteria. This party closed Good Design Award 2016 successfully. 

Aoki Shiro is communicating with others.

Designers and Xue Meng are exchanging views.

Delicious and free food!