The 12th ICIF is Coming!!

Date: 2016-05-10 17:05:38  Source:   Compile: admin

The 12th China(Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair·Sino-Finnish Design Park Sub-venue will be grandly held in Sino-Finnish Design Park from May 11-16. The fair this year, themed by "Innovation+", focuses on "innovation, entrepreneurship, maker, venture capital".

Highlight One: Big shots in industrial design will gather together to discuss innovation design and new trends of entrepreneurship.

Through the forms of forum session, salon and road show, the ICIF will gather big shots like Paolo Perini--the design manager of Karim(China) Design Studio, famous Italian designer Tobia Repossi, founder&design director of Hachi Co., Ltd--Ian Hadlow, Sarava Kandasamy--co-founder of Madrasters and so on. By doing that, a feast of international exchange will be presented.

Highlight Two: An overall perspective of international innovative design

ICIF·Sino-Finnish Design Park Sub-venue is the one fair that you can't miss if you are in want of appreciating all exquisite international designs without going abroad. From May 11-16, the iF design exhibition and the personal exhibition of Karim Rashid,the American design giant will be held in the sub-venue. On top of that, the only overseas exhibition of iF Design Award located in Shenzhen Industrial Museum will be relocated in Sino-Design Finnish Park permanently. Let's preview the exhibition via some photos.

Highlight Three: Maker's innovation workshop

Sino-Finnish Design Park is committed to building an international platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and design due to the prevailing of maker course. In the duration of ICIF, the public can have the free access to 3 maker's innovative workshops held by SFDP and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab jointly.

Sino-Finnish Design Park focuses on the course of innovation&entrepreneurship and intelligently made in China 2025, concentrates on international design cooperation and maker's innovation&entrepreneurship with the aims of building an international innovation&entrepreneurship eco-chain driven by design and forging a future-oriented international eco platform. This fair is bound to be a carnival for those innovation&entrepreneurship pursuers and design cultural innovation amateurs.