The 13th China(Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair Sino-Finnish Sub-Venue

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The 13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair is hosted by Shenzhen Futian District People’s Government and Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, organized by Sino­Finnish Design Park. As the sub­venue of the Fair, Sino­­Finnish Design Park will have its grand opening in May 12th, Futian Free Trade Zone, Funian Square.
Aiming at the future industries, themed on Design 4.0: Creating the Future, the Fair is focusing on international design and smart manufacturing.
Within 3 days, 2 summit forums, 1 sharing session, 5 workshops, 2 exhibition will be unfolded and besides these, more than 20 famous designers, material specialists and makers are invited to this Fair.

Design 4.0 facilitates the combination of new materials, new technologies, new thinking and new operations. In searching of the new smart manufacturing trend, SIDA will be leading a design revolution, combined with innovative designs, fair, which will boost the development of Made In China 2025, while Design 4.0 will play a major role in between.
Design 4.0 International Innovation Summit Forum:

Michael Young, founder and Director of Michael Young Ltd
Sandy Munro, Design Prophet & CEO, Munro & Associates, Inc.
Julien Gueuning, Co­Founder of JU&KE
Christophe Branchu, Co­Founder of JU&KE
Ming Zhang, Principle Innovation Strategist of designaffairs

May. 12th   10:30­12:30
Conference Hall, Sino­Finnish Design Park
5 famous designers from different countries will be sharing their opinions.
We, Sino­Finnish Design Park , have put forward Design 4.0 for the first time. And designers have been playing an important role in this new wave of industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
May. 12th , 14:30­16:30
B4­113, International Conference Center, Sino­Finnish Design Park
4 designers and scholars will be sharing the breaking point of new material innovation.
Lyla Wu, CEO and founder of Neuini Group.
Alex Wong, Director and CEO of King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited.
James Jones, Lab Director of Neuni Lab
Irem Arig, Head of new material, from Neuni Lab

Applying new materials to present industries will improve the function or, facilitate the innovation of theirs. This has been the global trend in industrial design, and it’s the breakthrough of upgrading industries in our nation. 4 scholars will be sharing their opinions.
Makers@World 2.0 Seminar & Sharing Session
May. 13th, 10:00­12:00
B4­113, International Conference Center, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Host: Yang Yang, founder of Maker world and Unimaker, will be hosting the Seminar.
Overview: 10 excellent makers from Makers@World 2.0 will share their 3­­­week experience and what they think about UK maker ecosystem, operation mode, etc, since they have finished the study tour to UK by the end of this March. Besides, they’ll exhibit 7 projects and hold a seminar on Create with UK and Smart Manufacture with Shenzhen.
May. 13th­May. 14th 
Sino­Finnish Design Park
Relying on the materials provided by Neuni materiO and workshop of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, 5 consecutive Maker Workshop events will be held. Provided with a whole set of equipment and tools, participants from different backgrounds can enjoy the process of DIY, and of course, professions will be aside guiding.
May. 13th 9:30­18:00
International Showroom, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Neuni Workshop: Fabric of Wood and Stone
May. 13th 10:00­12:00
Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Maker Workshop: Build Your Own Underwater Robot
May. 13th 14:30­ 16:30
Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Maker Workshop: Digital Manufacturing of Chairs
May.14th 10:00­12:00
Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Maker Workshop: Paper Circuit
May.14th 14:30­16:30
Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Sino­Finnish Design Park
Maker Workshop: Artificial Intelligence /Computer Vision

Two Exhibitions
Exhibition of New Material Application
May. 12th ­May. 14th All Day
International Showroom, Sino­Finnish Design Park
New Material Exhibition by Neuni materiO
Neuni Group was founded in Shanghai, 2015, to make design and innovations touchable. Neuni materiO is a branch of Neuni Group, it provides more than 7,000 materials for designers and researchers to choose from, besides, it’s an incubator that connects manufacturer and independent designers.
For this ICIF, Neuni materiO will be bringing more than 60 kinds of materials, to give a new understanding and experience to visitors.
Exhibition of iF Design Award
May. 12th ­May. 14th All Day
iF Design Award Exhibition Hall, Sino­Finnish Design Park
iF Design Award Exhibition (Shenzhen)
iF Design Award Exhibition Hall, in Sino­ Finnish Design Park, as the only showroom which locates outside of Germany, presents iF Award winning designs. Plus the lasted award winning design in 2017 will be shown this time.

During the Opening Ceremony for the 13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, agreements of settlement will be signed by Sandy Munro, Munro Benchmark Center; Michael Young, Michael Young Ltd and more.
May. 12th­ May. 14th 
Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone. Funian Square Sino­Finnish Design Park
13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair
See you by then!