Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal CPC Committee, visited Sino-Finnish Design Park

Date: 2018-04-12 17:07:49  Source:   Compile: eands

On the afternoon of March 15, 2018, Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal CPC Committee, Li Xiaogan, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal CPC Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, Ai Xuefeng, vice mayor of Shenzhen, Nie Xinping, director of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Liu Sheng, director of the Shenzhen Economic and Social Commission, Liang Yongsheng, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhang Jihong, director of the Shenzhen Education Bureau, Zhang Heyun, director of the Shenzhen Sports and Tourism Bureau, Han Wangxi, director of the Propaganda Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yu Jing, deputy director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, and others visited the Sino­Finnish Design Park for investigation and discussion on the development of fashion and creative industries.
During the visit, Wang Weizhong and his party visited the international exhibition hall of the design park, Shenzhen open innovation laboratory, the iF exhibition hall, and other enterprises in the park.
After the meeting, Wang Weizhong recognized the "three" strategy (cloud­platform, globalization, branding) put forward by SIDA, which is consistent with the direction of building a globally leading innovative city with outstanding influence competitiveness. SIDA regards industrial design as a resounding language of international exchange, and pays tribute to the outstanding achievement of winning respect for Chinese design. The concept of "design cloud platform" put forward by SIDA is of great significance to the creation of innovative and entrepreneurial design cities. At the same time he said that it is a miracle that the Sino­Finnish Design Park has achieved these accomplishments in four years.