321 LKKER International Designer Day

Date: 2018-04-13 10:32:15  Source:   Compile: eands

Almost all designs are influenced by popular trends, but the real design should be different. Designers are like a group of people on a pilgrimage who use their imagination and creativity to change the world. March 21, 2018 is the World Sleep Day, and it is also a festival for designers who are created by the sharing design platform "LKKER Technology" (hereinafter referred to as "LKKER") ­ the 321 International Designer Day.
Continuing last year's designer carnival, an annual designer's cultural carnival, jointly created by "LKKER and Beijing International Design Week, was held at the DXD Design Interconnect Center outside Beijing, with the theme of "Dare to Design". It gathered more than 2000 designers at the scene, once again spread the ideas of "everyone is a designer" "creator culture" and "dare culture" to the whole society.