Make Magazine丨Women Maker Power in Shenzhen

Date: 2018-04-13 15:29:29  Source:   Compile: eands

As the center of the consumer electronics, Shenzhen and its environs are an integrated body of commercially leading manufacturing plants and parts suppliers, rapidly producing and manufacturing the electronic devices the world aspires to. In just a few decades, Shenzhen has rapidly become a first­tier city in China, where people in this area, those who create new things, have begun to pass on the spirit of makers. The unique people here, the hacker space, the makers' education programs, even Fab Academy is gaining prominence worldwide.
This magazine features a collection of the stories of Shenzhen Maker, the lovely people who have worked hard to build a creative environment. Starting with Naomi Wu's cover story, it showcases many inspiring makers in Shenzhen. These include the stories of Shirley Feng, executive vice president of the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, Xie Huiqi, Director of International Communication and Cooperation of Shenzhen Open Innovation Laboratory, Lin Jie, Lit Liao, Carrie Leung and Violet Su and other maker representatives. Other featured articles in this magazine also cover hot spots such as disaster fighting, risk assessment and drones. Other interesting items include rainbow light boxes, SMS therapy, SMS pet therapy allocators, robot preparation radars, and so on.
In a personage report in this issue, Ms. Shirley Feng said: "the Maker Movement is always in the Shenzhen gene. As an early entrepreneur, I was benefited a lot from the environment in Shenzhen in my career as a programmer to executive vice president and secretary general of the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association. I provide help and promotion for many industrial designers in Shenzhen, so that Shenzhen manufacturers can effectively upgrade the value chain.
Now, we are committed to building a bridge between global makers and Shenzhen ecology to help more people realize their dreams and ideas. I am honored to grow up with Shenzhen as a city of makers. "