Yangcheng Evening News:Shenzhen comes in first by winning 63 IF Awards 2016 in China

Date: 2016-04-14 16:40:44  Source:   Compile: admin

The 63rd IF Product Design Award's award ceremony was held in MunichGermany on February, 26, 2016. Among 5295 design products from 53 countries, 1821 products won IF Award. In China, Shenzhen came in first by winning 63 awards.

The IF Product Design Award, known as "Oscar for the design world", is not a stranger to China anymore for the numbers of Chinese designers winning the IF Award are growing year by year. Ralph Wiegmann, the organizing committee chairman of IF Award, said that more and more Chinese designs gained international acclaim and their competitiveness in global marketing will be strengthened greatly.

The traditional manufacturing can't meet the demand of China's economic development because China now is undergoing a transitional time during which economic restructuring and industry and transformation upgrading are enormously needed. 

There is no denying that design will be a critical factor to the sustainable development of China. We are looking forward to witnessing Shenzhen make more brilliant achievements.