FAB 12: A Feast for Makers

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On August 12, with Shirley Feng, Executive Vice­president and Secretary General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, Deming Chen, President of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, Zichao Deng, Deputy Secretary General of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, Jie Lin, Shenzhen Municipal Standing Commit& Municipal United Front Work Department, Chongyang Zheng, Vice Secretary General, CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and few governmental officials from Shenzhen Municipality visited FAB 12 Innovation Exhibition and Fab Lab 2.0 pavilion.

On August 12~14, the exhibition was open to public free of charge, displaying excellent and innovative products from the US, India, Russia, UK, South Korea, Peru, Egypt, Austria, China, etc.

Chile was chosen as the host country of FAB 13.

The host city for FAB 14 was announced before FAB 12 summits. Shirley Feng then gave a welcome speech and thanked for the presence of guests from home and abroad, saying that it was a great honor to hold FAB 12.

Fernando Castillo, Minister of Economy Department of Santiago Metropolitan Municipality  also delivered a speech at the summit.

Like Olympics, the election of Fab Lab Conference and Symposium host city is fierce and intensive. Every candidate city gives whatever it takes to compete for it. This year, Egypt, Toulouse of France, Montreal of Canada, etc. ran for the election. Let’s see how they promote their own cities.


Well, you can’t find us on the world map of Fab Lab, but we must grab the chance to be the most city of FAB 14, because Canada is full of resources, well­developed infrastructure and we also gained support from Canadian government. Please vote Montreal!


France is renowned for various types of cheese. Don’t you wanna come over and have a try?

You enjoyed Boston lobsters at FAB 11 and Chinese dumplings at FAB 12. How about wine at FAB 14 in 2018?
In the end, Toulouse of France was chosen as the host city for FAB 14.

23 Outstanding figures from fields of physics, biology, technology, game, humanitarian, etc. gathered and delivered speeches in Shenzhen.
Here are the highlights:

Doctor Adrian Bowyer, Father of 3D Printer Open Source, is studying RepRap, a 3D printer with the capability of replicating itself. It is open source and anyone can download design documents and the source code. Doctor Bowyer hoped that RepRap would reform the industry of 3D printer.

Hao Pan, Founder of Chaihuo Maker Space&Seeed Studio and Dawei Li and Founder of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab both delivered keynote speeches.

Dawei Li said that shanzhai was somehow similar with maker and it’s good for them to learn from each other.

The youngest maker from India won a standing ovation.

"Never stop dreaming. You must hold on to your dreams if you have one and fight for it."

7 cities joined Fab City, e.g. Paris, Santiago, Detroit, etc, and they promise to provide solutions to local urban development.

The 2nd Shenzhen Makers@World&12th Fab Academy Graduation was held at Banquet Hall in Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel. Last year, 10 excellent makers were selected to enjoy trip to Silicon Valley.

Launched by Fab Lab, Fab Academy is aimed to provide a systematic education and training for maker students, from the basic operation to manufacturing theory.

Nearly 100 students went on stage to receive diplomas, including 5 excellent students from Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.
Here is the works from Ms. Vicky Xie, an excellent student from Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab:

Good night world lamp

What a wonderful graduation ceremony!