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Founded in 1998, PICCA electronics, also known as HONGYU, is an industrialization solution provider based in Shenzhen China. With 20 years'experience of OEM/ODM in the field of consumer electronics, we have a mature design team and a fully connected local supply chain including our own metal and plastic factories. In 2017, we have expanded our services to also include supply­chain services and project­management services.
Don't hesitate to drop us an email to make your idea become touchable.

A great idea is the foundation of a popular and top­selling product, especially for consumer electronics. You got a great idea? We're here to help you to industrialize it.
During the successful transition of an idea to the actual product, you will need, and we can offer:
  1. a realizable design;
  2. a reliable supply chain
  3. a smooth production;
  4. an efficient project management

Tel: +86­0755­89540059
Email: info@piccaelec.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/18388872/