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BENYI is an international creative strategy and brand consulting agency, specialised in using eye­catching creative ideas as a lever to spread, while advocating a long lasting impact for your brand. We help western brands to localize in China. We help Chinese clients by creating or repositioning their brand nationally and internationally. We have offices in Shenzhen and Berlin. With integration of both strength and superior resources, we make sure to create fitting measurements for each specific market. Understanding both the European and Chinese perceptions and markets, we aim to find the right strategy for your brand. We believe in strong brand culture, localization, creativity, and with the best visual presentation to achieve efficient communication. We can help to de ne the purpose of your brand and clarify it‘s DNA to create a longer lasting impact on the market. The goal is always an increase of sales or conquering new markets or target groups.

CONTACT SHENZHEN 深圳办公室 Fan Ke 樊 可+86 13699797050
CONTACT BERLIN 柏林办公室 Jens Pieper