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Doogee was born in Madrid, Spain in March, 2013. It’s a cellphone brand jointly established by Shenzhen KVD Communication Equipment Co., Ltd and Media Market, the largest appliance chain store in Europe. Doogee owns series of product models including MIX, S, X, BL. Embracing global market, Doogee features exquisite appearance, convenient UI, micro­innovation and high cost performance, which enables it to spread around over 50 countries and regions globally. Doogee cooperates with over 13,000 off­line retailers as well as independent sites, including AliExpress, DHgate, Amazon, Ebay, etc, which helps it in taking the lead in cellphone sales. Doogee has always stick to its principle “connect people and the world”, delivering positive lifestyle via technology, focusing on creating quality user experience, so as to make people’s lives easy and cozy with warm e­products. Xin Chao, the CEO of Doogee believes that quality is the soul of Doogee, and Doogee’s emphasis on quality is the anchor for it to stand steadily in international market. Doogee represents infinite innovation, connotation, and expectation.

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Address: B Side, 4th Floor in Building A4, Guigu Power Digital Industrial Park, Nr. 22 Dafu Industrial Zone, Guanlan St, Longhua, Shenzhen