Shenzhen Zunlian Technology Co., Ltd.

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Enterprise profile
Shenzhen Zunlian Technology Co., Ltd., located in Room 1310 Hongxing Community, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, the company was established in 2012, has been committed to industrial design since its establishment, has accumulated years of practical experience in industrial product design, industrial design products market, popular trends, processing and production. Are very focused. Through its own professional technology, experience and equipment resources in the field of design, continuous improvement of service quality. In order to help partners carry out the R & D process of new projects, enhance the potential market value of products, increase the turnover rate of new products, cost, improve the quality of products, the final reality Now the product serialization, individuation, commercialization, ensure the integration and sustainable development of corporate culture and product image. feel/listen/interpret the product with heart; better integrate into life. Add life to it, give soul! Put culture, technology, creativity, business, art into the product perfectly to create maximum value!
The eternal brand manifesto is to create the supreme heart interconnection, create the supreme heart interconnection ,[ respect] the customer's constant demand, exert the greatest value of innovation; with the help of mutual [link] network, more mutual [link] with customers, partners, colleagues to form an ecological growth system, from [respect] and [link] two dimensions, extend the innovation core competitiveness of the alliance, build the innovation ecology and integrate into the manufacturing industry, so as to help the manufacturing industry to achieve resource innovation and industrial ecological upgrading.
At present, we can provide product research and development, creative design, modeling design, structural design ,3 D hand board printing and other services to undertake all kinds of digital products, household appliances, medical devices, beauty products, industrial equipment development and design.

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