Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) is a non­profit organization founded in 2008 with only 48 member units. Till now, SIDA has taken in more than 900 member units from Shenzhen and across the country, aiming to Docking Industries and Connecting the Global, providing industry services including industry researches, policy interpretation, industry docking, industry exchanges, resource optimization, project landing. With 108 staff at its Secretariat, SIDA has become one of the largest professional association for industrial design in the world, as one of the early members that joined the World Design Organization (WDO), it also obtained authorization from iF, Red­dot, G­mark, and IDEA to work on global exchanges and cooperation of industrial design, thus developing Shenzhen industrial design towards High­end, International and Branding. In the past decade, SIDA has made a difference in industrial design. In the following decade, SIDA is committed to guiding the development of industrial design, exchange and cooperation in talent, science and technology, and industrial innovation between the two places

1. Value
The New Design Dynamic, Harmonious in Diversity. Design is bond to pursue the new dynamic. New design dynamic is the core value of each designer. New dynamic prospers harmoniously in diversity, and diversity flourishes from the new dynamic. Design Empowers the City. Design itself is a active energy, which thrives to present a unique city impression. Design empowers the city to be more humane and visionary.

2. Mission
Make Chinese Design Visible to the World. Since its establishment, SIDA has aimed to be the promoter of industrial design and led the industry to go out and bring in, making frequent voices on the stage of global design and innovation. By 2021, SIDA has successfully organized China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Festival for 12 consecutive editions, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair for 8 consecutive editions. Since 2011, SIDA has led the Shenzhen design delegation to make its debut in 100% Design London, which is also the debut of Chinese design companies in the fair. In 2012, SIDA was invited to organize a Chinese design delegation to attend IDSA International Design Conference. In 2013, SIDA successfully introduced the first overseas exhibition center of the German iF Design Award settled in Shenzhen. In 2014, SIDA organized the first Shenzhen­Hong Kong Biennale of Design to promote the development of Shenzhen­Hong Kong clusters, to build an international cultural and creative center. Also in 2014, SIDA co­founded Sino­Finnish Design Park with Helsinki, Finland, created a new international model of design­driven innovation. In 2020, SIDA was responsible for the overall VI design plan of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, empowering the city with Design, showing the ‘Shenzhen Voice’ to the world, forging the influence of Chinese design, thus promoting the international integration of design economy with industries, urban and social development.
Connect Maker Clusters and Insert Innovation Momentum. Since 2012, SIDA has been committed to promoting the link between industrial design and makers, taking the Point­Line­Surface Conceptual Model as a powerful tool, SIDA and MIT Bit and Atom Research Center jointly initiated the establishment of the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab(SZOIL) in the same year. In 2015, SIDA began to organize National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week and Shenzhen Maker Week, which has helped Shenzhen win worldwide respect. Premier Li Keqiang also praised it as ‘Beyond Expectation and out of Imagination’ when he visited National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in 2016. In 2016, SIDA organized FabLab12 in Shenzhen which was the first introduced in China to promote FabLab2.0. In 2019, SIDA organized UNLEASH (A Global Innovation Lab for the Sustainable Development Goals), promoted the realization of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals with the Shenzhen power, united the innovative forces of Makers with Design, and drove Shenzhen's industry towards the high­end development of the value chain.
Empowered with Design, Driving Industry Transformation and Upgrading. SIDA unites with the National Industrial Design Industry Innovation Alliance, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Shenzhen Institute for Innovation Design, and other multi­level industry institutions, to empower high­quality development of various industries in the city with the power of Design, to drive the transformation of regional industries and promote urban upgrading and innovation. In 2017, SIDA undertook the Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen BIT­MSU University, which was highly praised by the heads of the central government, provincial and municipal leaders. In 2019, SIDA co­organized the High­level Seminar on 'Digital Government' for Shenzhen to Build a Demonstration Pilot Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and promoted Shenzhen to further enhance its construction as Wisdom City and Digital Government. In May 2020, SIDA co­organized the first Shenzhen­Singapore Smart City Initiative (SCI) implementation committee meeting, developed an international innovation exchange platform to create a world­class smart city model. In November, SIDA co­organized events such as the Guangzhou­Shenzhen Joint Development Forum and the Unveiling Ceremony of Shenzhen Reform and Opening Up Executive Leadership Academy, created a good industry atmosphere for Shenzhen to become a capital of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

3. Path
Propose Re­definition of Industrial Design and Issue of Supporting Policies for Industrial Design. SIDA took the lead to recommend World Design Organization (WDO) to redefine industrial design in 2015: Industrial design is a strategic problem­solving process that drives innovation, builds business success, and leads to a better quality of life through innovative products, systems, services, and experiences. SIDA also promoted Shenzhen to take the lead to issue Measures on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Design in 2012, to lay a solid foundation for the vigorous development of the whole industry.
Adopt a Progressive Model from Seeding (0 to 1), Incubation (1 to N) to Acceleration (N to N +). SIDA has first connected industrial design and maker group, inserting new energy. Since 2012, Maker Committee has been set up to focus on makers and industrial design through a progressive path from seeding, incubation to acceleration. Seeding in FabLab Shenzhen brings ideas into prototypes; incubation in Sino­Finnish Design Park provides one­stop services for makers and start­ups; acceleration in SIDA brings these hardware start­ups to the market via overseas crowd­funding channels and R&D solutions, finally connecting with the global ecosystem, thus consolidating Shenzhen edges in intelligent hardware development and manufacturing, escalating the industry to high­level prosperity.
Make Shenzhen Design from Serving the Greater Bay Area to Serving Economic Zone. From Shenzhen to Shenzhen­Hong Kong­Macau Greater Bay Area, to the Beijing­Tianjin­Hebei and Yangtze River Delta, SIDA takes Design as a powerful tool, drives the economic development of the industrial chain, and exports the Shenzhen design development model to Hebei, Qingdao, Jiangxi, and other places, established Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center(HIDC), Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute(XIDI), Qinhuangdao Sino­Swedish Design Park(QID), Dingzhou Industrial Design Innovation Center(DIDC), Jiangxi Red Products Innovation Design Center(JIDC), Qingdao International Design Center(QIDC) and other innovative design platforms. SIDA aims to build a cross­border industrial ecosystem, creates a super design empowerment platform, drives industrial upgrading, promotes industrial upgrading and brings influence to the Beijing­Tianjin­Hebei, Yangtze River Delta economic belt and other regions.