Invitation for 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week & Interactive Maker Exhibit

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Invitation for
2015 Shenzhen Maker Week & Interactive Maker Exhibit


Dear all,

We, the Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Maker Week, would like to invite you as an honorable guest to attend Shenzhen Maker Week (SZMW), and exhibit at Interactive Maker Exhibit which is scheduled from June 18 to 22 in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

Hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, supported by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, organized by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), and cooperated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Interactive Maker Exhibit gathers some works from international Fab Labs or maker teams, as well as the world’s top 10 maker teams and institutions, building a high-quality platform for makers and Fablabers to spread their spirit of “Maker, Learn & Share”. Global Maker gurus are expected to gather in Shenzhen, attracting over one million visitors.

Themed on “Make with Shenzhen”, 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week shares, showcases, networks and inspires maker culture, innovation and entrepreneurship by various forms of exhibitions, forums, workshops etc.. Shenzhen Maker Week boasts a layout of “1+N” throughout the city, i.e., 1 main venue in Civic Center, and several sub-venues in Nanshan, Futian, Qianhai, Luohu and so on, focusing on hot areas of open hardware, wearable devices, robotics, 3D printing, Sustainability & Green Tech. Hardware engineers, programmers, designers, software and hardware enthusiasts and makers from around the world are gathered to share and experience at the site.

As the front of China’s hi-tech industries, Shenzhen boasts the world’s largest electronics distribution center and is credited as “Paradise for Makers” by the industry. In Jan 2015, Premiere Li Keqiang hosted the executive meeting of the State Council and proposed the strategy of “public entrepreneurship” and “innovation by all”. During the China Hi-tech Fair 2014, Mr. Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen, proposed to host Maker Week in Shenzhen on June 18 every year and attend in person to give address, in the purpose of inspiring “innovation by all” and “grassroots entrepreneurship”. The 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week aims to integrate the resources of global makers and innovation, strengthen the communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign makers, build an open and integrated innovative ecosystem based on the Internet, manufacturing and industrial design, and eventually build Shenzhen as “City of Makers”.

Here, you can show your technology, innovation, service or products; here, you can transmit technological innovation and establish connections with the general consumers; here, you can meet investors or find your manufacturers; here, you can share your DIY work of art and craftsmanship and broaden your horizon with technology; here, everyone is a maker!
Shenzhen Maker Week 2015: make with Shenzhen and share with makers!
Your presence is greatly appreciated!

Attachment: List of Events in 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week (Subject to change)
Yours sincerely,
Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association
The Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Maker Week

Any questions, please contact:



List of Events during 2015 Shenzhen Maker Week

(Subjuect to Change)

Time Event Venue
June 18
Opening Ceremony
Issuing Map of Shenzhen Makers and White Paper of Shenzhen Makers
Main Venue(Civic Center): Function Room at Civic Center
June 18-22 Interactive Maker Exhibit Main VenueCivic Center:Shenzhen Industrial Museum
June 18-19 Global Hackathon Main Venue (Civic Center):Shenzhen Industrial Museum
June 19-21 Maker Workshops Main Venue (Civic Center):Shenzhen Industrial Museum
June 19-21 Maker Faire Sub-venue (Nanshan): Emerging Industrial Base at Liuxiandong
June 20-22 Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab & Fab Lab Global Flagship Sub-venue (Futian): Sino-Finnish Design Park at Futian Bonded Zone
June 17-18 Final of China Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Maker Competition Sub-venue (Guangming): Convention & Exhibition Center at Guangming New District
June 20-22 Roadshow of Maker Projects Sub-venue (Qianhai):
Qianhai HK-SZ Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dream Factory
June 20-22 Maker Camp for Smart Jewelry Sub-venue (Luohu): Shuibei Jewelry City
June 20-22 Achievement Exhibition for Maker Spaces Sub-venue (Longgang):
Software Town, Galaxy Yabao and Cloud Park of Shenzhen Universiade
June 18-22 Opening Ceremony of “Low Carbon Maker Valley” and Maker Elite Trials Sub-venue (Longgang): Yishe & Cuifang at International Low Carbon City in SZ
June 18-19 Maker’s Carnival & Night of Makers Sub-venue (Longhua): Guanlan Golf Workshop
June 20-22 Tour of Shenzhen Makers
(6 Maker Routes)
Maker Spaces and Innovation-driven Enterprises in Shenzhen