Sino-Finnish Design Park

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Project Overview

Sino-Finnish Design Park is an industrial design program implemented in Shenzhen on the basis of cooperation between municipal governments of Shenzhen and Helsinki after the two city became international sister cities with one another.The design park is taken as a communicative platform and a cooperative carrier for connecting international friendship cities.The project is carried out under support of innovative design associations and industrial resources of the two cities  and takes design innovation as interactive content for the friendship cities.



Location & Basic Info 

Located  at Funian Square,Futian District,Shenzhen,the project includes B4,B5,B6 units with a total land area of 15,000㎡, the usage rates can reach 200% and after renewal there can be 30,000㎡ space area for usage.

1、Basic Info:

Overall Floorage:15,000㎡

Lobby:10 meters high lobby at B4,B5,B6 Units

Floor Area:3,000㎡

Floor Height:3.9 meters for 1st floor,6 meters for other floors

Building Coverage:≤40%

Plot Ratio 2.5

Elevator:Two elevators and a lobby built each inside B4,B5,B6 

Parking Lot:409

Geographic Advantage

Ø Futian Free Trade Zone,center and CBD of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Ø Pivotal Position for HK-SZ unification,enjoying numerous business opportunities

Ø Tree Dimensional Transportation Network:reach Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong within one hour

What the Project is Going to Achieve

Sino-Finnish Design Park runs under cooperation of municipal governments of Shenzhen and Helsinki and operates under guidance of  Economy,Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and Helsinki Investment Promotion Bureau.The project is implemented by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association.

The park runs under a “Sino-foreign Cooperative,Government-guiding,Enterprise-funding and Professional team-Operating ”business mode,tries to attract famous design brand in Finland and north Europe so as to build up design and innovation teams at international level.R&D Alliance of Innovation and Design and a comprehensive ecosystem combining self-innovation and industry upgradation will be built in order to make the park a state-level and internationalized demonstration zone.

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